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"When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free!" Ⓐ

Come on. :)  
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If the best things in life are free doesn’t that make a global economy that’s based on money the worst thing possible?

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Das im Sommer?

Das im Sommer?

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They shall not pass” (Spanish: ¡No pasarán!’) is a slogan used during the spanish civil war by the fighters in Madrid to express their determination against fascism.

The first photo was taken in 1936

The second one was taken in 2011 ( in the same street -Toledo st.-)

Madrid will be the graveyard of fascism

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Conversation on the Bus Today

  • Lady: I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists. I'm just saying that the terrorists are Muslims; they have the same holy book, the same beliefs. The terrorists are just more open about about it.
  • Me: So you've heard about Westboro Baptist Church right?
  • Lady: Oh my yes, they're an awful group of people.
  • Me: They're Christian.
  • Lady: ...
  • Me: I'm not saying all Christians are like the Westboro Baptist Church, but they have the same holy book, the same beliefs.
  • Lady: ...
  • Me: They're just a lot more open about it.
  • Random Guy Next To Me: *High fives*

Keine Lieder über Liebe solange MakSS Damage noch lebt!

Wie war das ganze mit Montag? :D Lohnarbeitsfrei <3